Declutter your makeup collection!

It’s the hardest thing for any makeup junkie to do. It’s almost damn near impossible!

But it’s one of those things that has to be done. Throwing/giving away your makeup can be the most powerful thing or the most depressing thing the average beauty lover can do. How can I not talk about it?

After all, this is a blog about a recovering makeup enthusiast, right?

De-cluttering your makeup stash is like spring cleaning, once you do it you feel so much better. Sometimes, it’s an excuse to buy more makeup (which we don’t wanna do, of course).

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Spending Triggers: The Life of A Makeup Junkie trying to become a Minimalist

Becoming a Minimalist ain’t no joke! It seems like when you make a commitment  to change your habits or a way of living, it seems like more things are thrown your way.

For a typical makeup junkie, the summer season is a hard one since it’s the one of the seasons where all the makeup companies decide to release new products or special collections that are limited edition.

But then I watched a video of a Youtuber I’m subscribed to,Tari aka SheNouveau, who is currently on a minimalist journey. She was talking about her spending triggers, which I thought was an interesting take on how your upbringing has a lot to do with your relationship with money.

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My Favourite Makeup Songs

I need to start listening to music while putting on my makeup (whenever that is).

There’s something about music that boost up your confidence and makes you feel sexy! Especially if you’re having a girls’ night out, it’s essential to play some tunes to get you in the mood to whip out your favourite eyeshadow.

So I created this playlist of my favourite songs about makeup. Some of the songs are I actually listen to while putting on makeup while others are songs about makeup that I really like.

So without further ado….

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Youtube made me do it: How I became a makeup junkie

Youtube is the devil. Plain and simple.

It’s the devil because it has made our lives so simple, I can’t imagine life now without Youtube.

Where Youtube fails for me is in my personal life, I can’t go a day without watching a video on Youtube. I remember when I first graduated from university and I had recently moved back home, I would spend the entire day watching Youtube videos when I could have been making them or spending time doing vigorous job searchs. It’s definitely doesn’t promote productivity, especially if you’re the viewer than the guru.

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