Spending Triggers: The Life of A Makeup Junkie trying to become a Minimalist

Becoming a Minimalist ain’t no joke! It seems like when you make a commitment  to change your habits or a way of living, it seems like more things are thrown your way.

For a typical makeup junkie, the summer season is a hard one since it’s the one of the seasons where all the makeup companies decide to release new products or special collections that are limited edition.

But then I watched a video of a Youtuber I’m subscribed to,Tari aka SheNouveau, who is currently on a minimalist journey. She was talking about her spending triggers, which I thought was an interesting take on how your upbringing has a lot to do with your relationship with money.

We both had similar trajectories based on our upbringing. Like her, I was not exposed to getting the latest clothes or toys from my parents. Coming from a working-class immigrant family, I remember having about six or seven Barbies during my entire childhood. So when I grew up and started working, I started treating myself to the luxuries I wasn’t exposed to. Only this time it was makeup and books as opposed to toys.

giphy (2)


Every (or most) makeup junkies have spending triggers, that is, products that will make them lose their religion. No diet or minimalist journey will stop them from buying these particular makeup items.

I have three makeup items that literally set off the alarm in my head:

1. Foundation (or any face base in general)

Foundations, concealers, colour correctors, powders etc..Face bases are my favourite makeup products to buy for two reasons. One, I love being able to create a flawless face. Second, as a woman of colour (WOC), it was increasingly hard to find the perfect shade for my skin tone. So oftentimes, I have spend more on department store makeup brands because they have a wider selection of shades that match my particular skintone.

2. Blushes, Bronzers and Contour powders

If you know anything  about makeup, you would know that foundation and other face bases make your skin look flat and dull when applied alone. This is where blushes and bronzers come in. They help  bring back colour and warmth to your face. I’m a sucker for orange or red blushes because they give the most beautiful, healthy flush of colour. In the winter time, I religiously use a bronzer or contour powder every time I do my makeup as it helps define my face and adds warmth to my dull, winter complexion.

3. Lip products

I love a good lippie to complete my makeup look! Reds, oranges, nudes, purples. You name it, I buy it, especially when it’s on sale.

There are already new products that are out currently but I’m not sure if I can restrain myself from making a purchase (blog post on that coming soon). Also, read Tari’s accompanying blog post where she goes into more detail into her minimalist journey.

This Makeup Minimalism is journey is a lot harder than expected. Pray for me!

Till next time ~ The Makeup Enthusiast

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