Signs of A Makeup Junkie

Building from one of my very first blog posts on this blog, I decided to take it a step further and share with you the common signs attributed to a person who has a makeup addiction.

Here’s what to look for in a makeup junkie:

When you buy the latest makeup product everyone on YouTube is talking about.

When you walk into the drugstore for something and come out with bag of makeup.

When you’re running out of storage for your makeup, yet you still buy more.

giphy (16)

When you spend hours doing your makeup.

giphy (8)

When you hoard/collect makeup like an old lady collects cats.

giphy (9)

When you notice and judge other people’s makeup in public.

giphy (12)

When a special collection from M.A.C. Cosmetics comes out and you buy the entire collection plus duplicates before it’s sold out.

giphy (15)

When you plan out your makeup looks ahead of time.

giphy (11)

When you have a YouTube playlist for makeup tutorials.

When you get offended when someone says you have too much makeup on.

giphy (14)

When you finally finish mastering the “natural look”

giphy (17)

When you see someone with bad eyebrows.

giphy (13)

When a makeup technique you saw on YouTube doesn’t work out quite well for you.


Voila! This is just a few of many signs. If you any more, write them in the comments section down below!

~The Makeup Enthusiast

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