Declutter your makeup collection!

It’s the hardest thing for any makeup junkie to do. It’s almost damn near impossible!

But it’s one of those things that has to be done. Throwing/giving away your makeup can be the most powerful thing or the most depressing thing the average beauty lover can do. How can I not talk about it?

After all, this is a blog about a recovering makeup enthusiast, right?

De-cluttering your makeup stash is like spring cleaning, once you do it you feel so much better. Sometimes, it’s an excuse to buy more makeup (which we don’t wanna do, of course).

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Here’s a few things to consider when decluttering your makeup collection:

Always read labels for expiry dates

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We can’t keep all our makeup products forever! The average shelf life for liquid-based makeup products usually range from six months to two years. Products like foundations, concealers, eye creams and serums can’t last any longer than a year.

Powder products such as eyeshadows, powder foundation, blush and bronzer can last up to three years (you can even keep them longer than that).

The reality is that if you’re wearing makeup on a consistent basis, some of these products might be finished before you have to force yourself to throw it out. Powder products can last longer if they are not use as often.

Giving your makeup away

Another hard thing to do. We makeup junkies have such an attachment to our makeup! But if you don’t use it, why keep it?

You might have some makeup-challenged friends who may need your help and expertise in that subject. But be aware when making plans to give away your makeup, keep in mind the friends you know who will take good care and use your hand-me-down products until it hits pan!

You don’t want to give it away just for it to catch dust in someone else’s collection.

Shopping your stash

IMG_0024About 10% of my makeup collection at home (blog post coming soon!)

A popular term used in the YouTube Beauty community, shopping your stash means using the makeup you already have without buying any new products. For some people, this might the easiest thing they might do or the most daunting.

Whether you have a makeup collection reminiscent of a M.A.C. counter or a modest stash, shopping your stash helps us fall in love again with some of the products we may have left by the wayside through our continuous acquisition of the latest beauty product everyone is talking about.

Set dates to reward yourself

WARNING: Only do this step if you’re at a stage where you have a modest makeup collection or you don’t find yourself stopping at the drugstore or M.A.C. counter!


Let’s be honest. You can’t totally stay away from makeup, especially if you’re in too deep in your makeup addiction.

You can start by giving yourself a budget for makeup that you want to spend either per month, a quarter or yearly.  You might want to spend $100 a month on makeup or $500 a year…it’s up to you.

Have any thoughts about de-cluttering makeup? Have your say in the comments section below!

Till next time! ~The Makeup Enthusiast

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4 thoughts on “Declutter your makeup collection!

  1. jadenfate says:

    Very helpful, my sister and I both have huge makeup collections and we really need to let some things go haha. Will definitely be trying some of these things x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christina says:

    I’ve put a lot of stuff on ebay. I was going through my collection and it is like a small drug store. I don’t know why I became so obsessed with makeup. It was also with lotion, perfumes, etc. It is sickening. I haven’t bought anything in the past month and my goal is to use everything until I run out..It may take 10 years LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jonsaba Writes says:

      Ugh! You and me both. I feel like my collection is quite small compared to what I’ve seen here on other blogs and YouTube. But still, it’s like ‘What are you doing with all this makeup!’

      I might just do the ebay thing still. Thanks for reading!


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