Welcome! A little blurb from the Makeup Enthusiast

You’re either visiting this blog for two reasons, one because you’re interested in makeup and all things beauty. Or two, because you became enticed by the obnoxoiusly long blog title. Whatever the reason, thank you. It means a lot. Anyways… It’s me, the Recovering Makeup Enthusiast. I’m a 20-something writer and assistant communications associate living in Toronto. I have a Bachelors degree in English Literature and Communications Studies and I’m looking to pursue a Masters Degree in the near future. While university gave me the tools to think, read and write critically, it also gave birth to my makeup junkie ways. Being a cash poor, underemployed student in a university town away from home, I was always constantly looking for an escape from the pressures of school life. Although I was supported by OSAP, odd jobs and the support from my parents, I was still broke. So one day, while adjusting to university life, Youtube became my escape. It started with one video about hair care and since then I probably spent almost thousands of dollars on beauty-related items, the majority of which has been makeup. IMG_0014

Want to hear something else quite extraordinary? I rarely wear makeup! Yes, you read that right, I don’t use my makeup the way I should. It sits comfortably in my storage container in my room. I have so much makeup, yet I haven’t mastered the art of acutally wearing it on a regular basis. So I guess you can say apart from having a makeup addiction, I also have a makeup hoarding problem as well! I’ve been in denial for a long time and now it’s time to get real.

Follow me on this journey of admitting, owning and sharing my makeup addiction, investigating how I came to this place and if I can become a makeup minimalist.

~The MakeupEnthusiast

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