Youtube made me do it: How I became a makeup junkie

Youtube is the devil. Plain and simple.

It’s the devil because it has made our lives so simple, I can’t imagine life now without Youtube.

Where Youtube fails for me is in my personal life, I can’t go a day without watching a video on Youtube. I remember when I first graduated from university and I had recently moved back home, I would spend the entire day watching Youtube videos when I could have been making them or spending time doing vigorous job searchs. It’s definitely doesn’t promote productivity, especially if you’re the viewer than the guru.

Before Youtube

Like every young teenage girl, I got my start in wearing makeup when I was in high school. I had spent the first nine years of my life in a private Adventist school, where  wearing jewelry, makeup, nail polish and short skirts were totally prohibited. The girls who dared to wear earrings or even coloured nail polish either had it confiscated or the teacher had a bottle of nail polish remover and had you remove it.

I ended up going to an all-girls Catholic high school for grades 10 and 11 and that’s wear my relationship with makeup began. The rules weren’t as strict as my previous school, but they did keep an eye for girls who wore heavy makeup. Nevertheless, I started experimenting with eyeliner, mascara and face products such as foundation, concealer and powder. Maybelline and Covergirl were the only brands at the time (early-to-mid 2000s) that had shades that complimented women of colour. So naturally, I bought was available for me at that time.

Even those makeup lines missed the mark on their women of  colour shades, so I often walked around with a cakey face because the darkest shade still ended up being a tad bit too light for me.

Fast forward to the summer of 2008. I don’t remember what I was looking, but I had recently started frequenting hair care forums dedicated to afro-textured natural hair and I stumbled upon a few women who were making videos on Youtube about their hair journeys. So I started watching videos on how to take care of my hair. Some of the natural hair YouTubers I watched also dabbled in makeup and uploading videos of their many looks. Let’s just say the rest is history….

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Life after my Youtube epiphany

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t watch a YouTube video. I’m subscribed to almost 400 channels (trust me it’s not a lot compared to what I’ve seen) and I have 1,099 videos in my “Watch Later” playlist. YouTube is my encyclopedia, I go to it whenever I want to learn something new, watch a movie trailer or music video, or most importantly, watch the latest upload from some of my favorite YouTube Gurus.

Because of YouTube, I now have makeup skills that were totally nonexistent, thanks to makeup enthusiasts who had a love of makeup. I was exposed to makeup classes without ever having to go to a makeup class or M.A.C Cosmetics counter. You would think I was a makeup artist sometimes from the way I talk.


On a less positive side, the YouTube community has become a different place as well. There used to be an organic, grassroots feel to watching a makeup tutorial in the bedroom of someone who wasn’t a makeup blogger or artist. Nowadays, many of the YouTubers I watch are now wealthy”gurus” who have now become pseudo-celebrities in their own right. Many have traded their webcams for high tech Canon DSLR cameras to record and produce high quality tutorials.

It’s a brave new world out there in YouTube land. And that ain’t even the half of it.

Talk soon ~The Makeup Enthusiast

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